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Are you a foreign investor wishing to relocate or open a new branch in the U.S.? Investing in business opportunities in the United States has never been easier with our corporate consulting services. Takemori Consulting LLC provides seamless U.S. entity formation in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, FEIN acquisition, assistance with opening a corporate bank account, corporate book document production and professional business plan preparation for the E and L visas.

Therefore, The Takemori Group, Takemori Consulting and Takemori Law Firm provide comprehensive one-stop shopping for investors around the globe. Working together, our sister firm, Takemori Law Firm handles all business immigration matters and processes a wide variety of employment based visas: including E1 Treaty Trader, E-2 Treaty Investor, L1A/L1B intra-company transferees, H-1B professional workers in the U.S.; O-1 visas and J-1 visas. Let our experienced team sort out the alphabet soup of U.S. immigration for you!

Further, for companies already established in the United States, Takemori Law offers employment-based legal advice regarding pursuing the green card through the PERM Labor certification process, as well as through the EB-1 Multi-national executive and/or Manager category. The Takemori Group offers convenient phone and e-mail consultations in order to effectively plan the opening of your U.S. corporation.

We are members of the French American Chamber of Commerce, British American Business Association and the Attorneys of Takemori Law Firmare recommended by the UK Trade & Investment Corporation, London, England. The Takemori Group proudly serves the worlds’ investment community.

For legal advice, contact one of our Attorneys, at Takemori Law Firm LLC, +1.240.644.2637, or For Consulting Services contact


Takemori Consulting, LLC, provide your new business with state of the art outsourced accounting services performed by quality chartered accountants familiar with international taxation issues, as well as bookkeepers for regular daily accounts and billing – while you sleep they work. Contact our office today for reasonable accounting options for your new start-up. Contact Takemori Consulting, LLC, 202.530.4911 or


Let the talented team at Takemori Consulting, LLC, provide you with a gold standard business plan especially crafted for immigration purposes for your E or L visa start-up project. Whether you are starting up a new office in U.S. or buying an existing business, our business analysts will be able to draft a comprehensive “Matter of Ho” business planwhich meets all the requirements of USCIS. Contact us at Takemori Consulting, LLC, 202.530.4911, or

Corporate Website Design

Does your business need a fresh modern website? Let our talented team of website designers design a site just for you. We offer low cost expedited service for all of your website design and development needs. Once your start-up in the US has been formed, you need an excellent web presence. We can deliver easy to maintain webpages utilizing WordPress which allows you to be the master of your blog without necessitating the expense of a webmaster.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

You have built your site, now how do you get it to the top of the search engine rankings? Our team of senior web developers stand ready to assist you in search engine optimization. Our analysts will review your site content and structure, provide technical advice on website development: hosting, redirects, error page, and use of JavaScript. In addition they will offer content development, management of online business development campaigns; perform weekly keyword research and will provide targeted research of the specific market and geographical area. These services are rendered on a weekly basis and detailed reports will be provided to clients each week

SEO services – Full SEO package (with plan and activities)

· SMO (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.).
· Website Designing and Development Services.
· Responsive and SEO Friendly websites.
· Ecommerce sites


Are you thinking of starting up a business in the U.S., but are unsure of the US market? Do you need professional advice as to where to locate your business? What types of businesses are successful in your particular niche area? What is the American attitude towards such businesses? Do you need to know your competitors here in the U.S.? Let the Takemori team prepare a market analysis for you to ensure the feasibility of your new start up.


Takemori Consulting LLC will take care of your corporate bank account formation needs for the new start up. We are pleased to facilitate the opening of the new corporate account at a national bank with whom we have a strong banking relationship for our new start-up companies. The corporate clients do not have to be present in the US to set up the account, and will have access to international online banking. Please speak to one of our consultants at 202.530.4911.


Takemori Consulting LLC business consultants provide corporate book and seal production and drafting services for all corporate documents, including articles of organization, articles of incorporation, shareholders agreements, shareholders certificates, etc. Please contact a member of our team at Takemori Consulting, LLC, at 202.530.4911.


Takemori Consulting LLC facilitates entity formation in all U.S. States and has ties to entity formation companies throughout the globe. By working closely with our business analysts, you will be assured that your formation will be sufficient both for business needs as well as for immigration purposes. Usually we can have a new company formed in approximately 48 hours, depending upon the jurisdiction. For more information, contact Takemori Consulting, LLC, at 202.530.4911.


We provide the additional a la carte service of acquisition of the corporate employer identification number from the Internal Revenue Service. This will allow the newly formed or acquired company to open a corporate bank account and to enter into contract negotiations with landlords and vendors. It is a requirement for immigration purposes and for taxation reasons. Contact us at Takemori Consulting LLC at 202.530.4911 for more information.


Takemori Consulting LLC offers all new start-ups an a la carte management service to be provided by our business analysts and bookkeepers to ensure that your new business gets off to a smooth start. We can tailor a management services package for your needs to include such services as back-office, including bookkeeping, and fiscal monitoring, on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Strong management of your new enterprise will be key to having employment based visas renewed and key to the success of your new business. We realize that doing business within a new culture will pose challenging and we are here to provide expertise and support. Contact a team member today at Takemori Consulting, LLC, 202.530.4911 for more information and price quotes.


We possess a proprietary list of office space geared towards start-ups covering all regions of the U.S.. We are happy to offer you referrals to reputable landlords and corporate office space providers with whom we have worked successfully in the past. In some instances, we may be able to negotiate a reduced rate for our corporate clients. Contact Takemori Consulting LLC, at 202.530.4911 for more details.


Takemori Consulting has strong relationships with several reputable and knowledgeable Residential Real Estate Agents and Mortgage lenders who service foreign nationals here in the Metro DC area. We have an excellent relationship with HSBC Bank mortgage lending division who are experts at offering mortgages to foreign investors whom other banks will not service due to lack of credit references in the U.S. We are happy to provide referrals to these agents upon request of our clients. Please contact Takemori Consulting LLC, at 202.530.4911 for more information.